I Will Not Sit For You to Use Macho Men to Hurt My Children- Lawhyer Maurice Ampaw Fires Back At Opambour

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Controversial Ghanaian lawyer, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has after days of silence reacted to Opambour’s threats.

In his reply, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw noted that even though he can face Opambour both physically and spiritually, he has chosen to let the law take its due course.


Speaking on Wontumi TV which ghpage.com monitored, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has said that whenever Opambour threatens or curses someone, he hires macho men to attack the person physically and after the person is dead or something bad happens to the person, he announces that his curse killed or had an effect on the person.

The controversial lawyer noted that Opambour is fond of cursing people on live television so he will be the last person to be cursed by him.

“You threatened my children, saying that you will curse my children and curse my generation, and curse Lawyer Maurice Ampaw. I watched quietly and nodded my head and said Opambour,


I will descend to your level and make sure the law works because when you threaten me with a curse, I will take you to court. I will sue you for assault.


I will sue you for assaulting my children because the moment you frighten my children, if I have an issue with you and you involve my children it means you are putting fear into my children so I will sue you. And I will do that, the writ is even ready.


I will sue you for assaulting my children because you are putting reasonable fear into my children that they will die, so I will defend my children with the law. I am teaching you the law”, he said.



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