If your husband’s ‘cheating habits’ are extreme, seek help or divorce – Counselor Charlotte Oduro

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Renowned Ghanaian marriage counsellor, Charlotte Oduro, has offered guidance to women facing partners who engage in extramarital affairs, urging them to seek counselling instead of resorting to retaliation.

According to her, when faced with such challenges in a marriage, it’s preferable for a woman to consider walking away rather than succumbing to the temptation of infidelity as a form of retribution.

She emphasized that women who choose to cheat in response to their husband’s infidelity are likely to suffer severe consequences that could detrimentally impact their lives.

“I want women to understand that resorting to infidelity won’t resolve their issues. Don’t allow your anger to lead you to ruin your future. If you find it unbearable to cope with your husband’s infidelity, seek counselling or consider ending the marriage. Don’t respond to wrongdoing with more wrongdoing,” she advised in an interview with Oyerepa FM and monitored by GhanaWeb.

Counselor Charlotte lamented the societal acceptance of men’s infidelity while condemning women who follow suit out of pain.

“Many women are reacting to men’s infidelity out of hurt, but this shouldn’t be the case. They’ve noticed that society often overlooks men’s affairs but condemns women’s, so they feel compelled to retaliate,” she added.

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