Film industry needs support and investment to grow – Fella Makafui

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Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui has stated that support and investment are necessary for the advancement of the film industry in the country.

Speaking on the DayBreak Hitz show on Hitz FM on April 30, she emphasised the need for both fan and investor backing to aid filmmakers.

Fella Makafui pointed out that increased public engagement with Ghanaian cinema could lead to more revenue, which in turn would fund future productions.

“I feel it all boils down to the support. Because if I invite you to my movie and at the end of the day, we premiere it and people come in their numbers, we are going to get our returns to produce another movie,” she said.

The ‘Yolo’ actress called on Ghanaians to invest more in the arts, including corporate investments through product placements and other means.

“I think that’s the only thing we will urge Ghanaians to channel more energy into – support the craft.”

Despite facing numerous obstacles, Makafui said she remains hopeful about the industry’s future.

She cited recent positive experiences, such as the support from musician Kuami Eugene for her co-produced series “Serwaa” with Farmhouse.

“I am seeing changes in the industry. Last year, when I co-produced Serwaa, the series with Farmhouse, it was massive. Even for this movie, I am so grateful; the support is so massive,” she said.

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