“You’re a fat lair” – Joyce Blessing fires and attacks Prophet Ajagurajah (Video)



Ghanaian gospel diva, Joyce Blessing has gone hard on controversial Prophet Ajagurajah in her yet to be releasing single dubbed “Trending”.

As we all know, Prophet Ajagurajah has always argued that Jesus Christ never died hence the Bible’s story about his death is a complete fallacy.

The leader and founder of Ajagurajah has also maintained that the Son of God Almighty, Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and they gave birth while on earth to save mankind.

Well, it is at the back of these blasphemous words from the man Prophet of God that has forced Joyce Blessing to tell him her piece of mind.

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According to Joyce Blessing, Prophet Ajagurajah is a fat lair and shouldn’t be given the platform to keep throwing dust into people’s eyes.

In the introduction of the song, Joyce Blessings also mocked Ajagurajah that Jesus Christ I trending while he on the other hand is going around spreading nonsense.

Watch the video below to know more…


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