“Your parents are taking care of you and you want a 24yr old boy to do the same”- Anita Akuffo



Ghanaian female TV presenter, Anita Akuffo seems to be confused about the fact that some ladies want their boyfriends to perform the same responsibilities as their fathers.

In this modern world, some ladies want t be taken care of by their boyfriends even though they have fathers securing those responsibilities for them. Many say no woman wants a broke guy but the question here is why would a lady want a young guy who is also fending for himself to take care of her simply because they are in a relationship.

Yes! It’s the responsibility of a man to take care of his woman but such responsibilities are only channeled to the man when he is legally married to the woman but here lies the case most women demand to be taken care of when they are not even married yet.

Well, some men also prefer to take care of their women even when they are not married to them. They feel the need to provide for their woman by any means necessary and this is one of the reasons why most guys have ventured into fraudulent activities.

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Anita Akuffo is also baffled about the fact that ladies want their hustling boyfriends to perform duties same as their fathers.

Taking to her Twitter page; Your parents are taking care of you and you want a 24 year old boy to do same?

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See her tweet below:

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