Women, no wonder your husbands visit barbershops three times a week [video]



Female Barber causes stir as she cut’s married man’s hair in style.

Beautiful women have invaded barber shops because they are sure of extra services as well as tips from gullible male clients.

A video which is gracing the internet has left total commotion all over with netizens wondering why this service has transformed quiet alot in a short time.

In the video sighted on Instagram, a pretty lady is seen dressed in a crop top over a pair of black skin tights. The skin tights revealed the barber to be a very voluptuous woman.

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Sitting down on the customer’s chair was a man who wore a wedding ring suggesting that he was married.

The well-ɛŋdowed barber went about the shaving of her customer in a manner that indicated that she was well-versed in the act.

Atinka News does not know the identity of the lady or where her barbering saloon is located but her video has been circulating online.

Watch below for the video as shared on social media:


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