Where’s her money? Sefa deserves better – Nina Ricchie questions BAM



Nina Ricchie has qualms with the gift (car) label mate Sefa received from their boss, DBlack. Nina feels after all Sefa’s hard work, she deserves more than a ‘basic’ car.

Nina Ricchie voiced her reservations in an interview with Accra FM, where she explained the injustice to the host. She said, “For the hard work that she’s done. Yeah, like she’s working really really hard. So, it’s like, where’s the money?

“I don’t know, and that’s the question that I wanna know. You know this is about respect for yourself. I’m not saying that she doesn’t have respect for herself. But she can do better. Like I’ve seen the car on Instagram, and I’m like, how can you ride this thing? It’s a basic car. She should be driving like maybe E-class.”

Nina Ricchie also added that this is just her opinion on the matter. Her submission is entirely out of her experiences from living abroad.

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“I mean, if she is working that hard, she should be getting other things other than that. That’s just how I think. Coming from Canada to here. That’s me,” she concluded.

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