‘Where is my cement?’ – Captain Smart quizzes Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral after seeing the progress of work



Blessed Godsbrain Smart, the host of Maakye on Onua TV/FM, has requested that the National Cathedral’s Board of Trustees use the cement he has supplied for the project thus far.

Captain Smart, as he is affectionately known, stated that the worth of work completed thus far at the site and the amount spent on construction does not add up.

While raving on his program on Monday, June 20, 2022, Captain Smart stated that the Board of Trustees must answer for the funds spent thus far because the government stated that the Board is liable for the fund’s disbursement.

Following the initiative’s start, the broadcaster agreed to provide 100 bags of cement to the project at the conclusion of each month.

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Aside from that, a fund was established for citizens to donate to the structure, in addition to the GH200 million spent by the government thus far, including the GH32 million given to Sir Adjaye and Associates as consultant costs.

Following the issues sparked after North Tongu Legislator, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa exposed the sums the government has been putting into the cathedral thus far, he visited the building site to capture films, he has been asking:

“What happened to the money? Anyone who has any of the money should bring it with them. The government claims that it is the Board of Trustees who distributes monies, not the government.
Is this a representative of the money you’ve received thus far? What happened to my cement? What did you do with it?“

Can this represent the money spent so far? I’m asking the Board of Trustees because the government says the money is disbursed by you.”

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