We’ll petition Amnesty Int., AU over treatment to our members – NDC



The Director of Legal Affairs of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Abraham Amaliba says the party intends to petition other international bodies such as Amnesty International and Africa Human Rights Court over treatment of its members by the Akufo-Addo government.

The largest opposition party has petitioned the Commonwealth Secretariat over what it described as persecution of its supporters.

According to the NDC, the Akufo-Addo led administration is using state agencies like the judiciary to harass its members.

Speaking on Starr Today Monday, Mr. Amaliba disclosed that the party intends to go further with its actions to other international bodies.

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“We are saying that there are various cases of human violation, we talked about criminal prosecution and not persecution and harassment of our members. Who is the perpetrator here, we are pointing fingers at the government. We think that the perpetrator being the government we would not have justice so we decided to cry out loud for the Commonwealth.

“We have gone past public opinion we are in the international community we are petitioning the Commonwealth Secretariat. Indeed, we are going to follow up with more petitions to other institutions like Amnesty International and we can decide to go to Africa Court of Human Rights so these are all available to us,” he added.

Mr. Amaliba further stated that the NDC in its petition did not just report the Akufo-Addo administration to the Commonwealth rather, they expect that experts are sent to Ghana to verify the allegations and issue sanctions accordingly.

“The Commonwealth Secretariat applies sanctions I remember the Commonwealth sanctioned Nigeria with the Ken Saro-Wiwa case. So let’s wait and see what the Commonwealth will say in this matter then we can continue.

“We have indicated that the Secretariat can send in experts to Ghana, Judges, and Lawyers to come and verify what we are saying. We are not saying they should come and take what we are saying hook line and sinker,” she stated.

The Director for Legal Affairs added that “So we think that as a media you should be supporting our move because the move would bring back the democracy that we all cherish.”

Source: Starrfm.com

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