Tins of PEAK Milk Powder and Ovaltine discovered half full after purchase; customers very annoyed



A customer who bought tins of Peak Milk Powder and Ovaltine discovered the two products to be half full sending a surprise all over social media.

The post has since generated controversy online, especially in these times when the prices of the products have almost doubled due to inflation and the dollar rate.

“This is not right!!! Prices of these are higher than before, yet you reduce the content? Why? At least be considerate knowing as school reopens now, this is gonna be the preferred breakfast for the children. Sometimes, we too, we’re the problem. Cheating each other” the customer posted on social media platform Facebook.

Forever Product

Several other patrons shared their view of the problem with many saying they faced the same situation. Others erroneously blamed Nestlé but it was later discovered the products involved are not theirs.

As of Press Time, no official response has been received from producers of the products although they were notified.

I’m sorry about your experience, but it’s a real thing, unfortunately. It’s called “shrinkflation”. Sometimes, to not raise prices too high, consumer goods companies resort to reducing the volume/size of the product. For example, instead of a 10-cedi raise, the company may apply a 5-cedi raise and in parallel reduce the volume of product. Other times, companies resort to re-formulation and using more affordable ingredients. That was partly what we saw in the recent Ideal curding issue. These are hard times.

I was going to write on Ideal Milk, Carnation Milk, etc, and Beta Malt. It’s like they have divided the original contents into two, then topped them up with Water to sell back to us at a higher cost.

I think it’s time we start to call them out.

I will do the post today…. With pictures. It’s so irritating…. Those things are so diluted.


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