The pressure is too much on me, my life is messed up – Black Sherif sadly narrates



The fame and recognition Black Sherif gained in a short period of time has left him depressed and worried.

A video circulating on social media saw the budding musician sadly speaking about how his new life has brought pressure on him to deliver more than what his strength can do.

Black Sherif was heard saying his life is a mess and he has lost control over affairs ever since he became famous.

Blacko said the pressure is too much for him and it has left him depressed.

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This Week, news broke that Black Sherif had dumped his first management team and investors after he gained global recognition.

Rumour has it that Blacko left the house his former manager rented for him to an unknown location without any formal notice.

Black Sherif said he is just 18 yeads and never expected to be famous like this.

He added that his songs have raised the bar so high but he cannot meet that standard.

The young talent also disclosed how people put pressure on him to provide for them when he cannot even provide for himself.

He had depression written all over his face.

Watch the video below.

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