The Consequences Of Indecision On A People Is Grave Than The Menace Of War



…….President Muhammadu Buhari’s Leadership Deserves Support. People Would’ve Realized That Much Only When He Is Gone

THIS article is a revisit of my account of how the APC leadership in the South South geo political zone was once seen as being anti President Muhammadu Buhari and pro Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu unknowingly. This is why today, the choice of a successor to the current president from the South west zone between Tinubu and the current Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo seems to carry less attraction against which we’re in a search now of an alternative; probably from the South east zone amongst the Igbos or from within ourselves being a minority within a minority!

I HAVE made it abundantly clear in all my writings in defense of my party the APC, and Mr. President because of my likeness for General MUHAMMADU BUHARI from time which was the real reason why I decided like many others I know from the South South zone to join APC from the PDP on my return from political sabbatical in the year of the Lord, 2015, when few of us came, with a view to doing only that which is morally right and just before the Lord my God and those men and women who are sensible, less sensual and with the fear of the Lord to join hands in full support of our president to make things work in line with the manifesto of our great party the APC for the benefit of our children and the entire people of Nigeria.

AND not the biddings of spiritual ignoramuses, juggernauts and thieferious individuals within or outside the party for the sake of partisanship. No, I don’t! Spirituality Governs Humanity.

Forever Product

HE who ignores things of the spirit will always be a puppet and Pantaloon in the hands of evil men and women who adorn the earth and are seemingly in charge of matters in the World, be it in politics, business, the academia or religion.

THE current president is a man who has shown exemplary character in everything he does as a human being and he is unique in many ways. He has made himself disposable as a handy tool in the Holy hands of the Almighty’s enduring grace and mercies tilted towards him. He has been used to introduce changes as the Lord deemed it fit and placed always in charge of affairs in his country Nigeria to effect the necessary reforms in the various positions of authority he often finds himself on the part of history being lifted up and placed directly by the Almighty to function.

GENERAL BUHARI is a selfless leader who has the interest of his country at heart and shows it through self discipline. He is less covetous, unassumingly amenable and less perturbed in the face of insensible criticisms or attacks on his person sponsored usually by members of the opposition parties. And he is one who by nature, abhors theft of public funds meant for the improvement of the lives of the citizens and the infrastructural development needed to showcase his country Nigeria as the giant which she is and is being trumpeted throughout Africa by other African leaders and peoples.

ALL of these assumptions would have been accomplished or was expected to be accomplished by deeds and not by words of mouth as evident in the past which has been keenly observed exclusively by many as being the hallmark and work in trade of a few of those leaders before him in a new Democratic Nigeria.

THESE were leaders who were opportune in their time to have more funds at their disposal in cash than what he, President Muhammadu Buhari came to inherit on assumption in office as a Democratically elected president of Nigeria this time around. And not as the head of a military junta that he was before where things are done by fiat and military decrees.

THOSE before him in recent times were known to have been besmeared and engrossed in graft and had corruptly enriched themselves, families, aides and friends at the expense of the developmental needs and potentials which were begging to be attended to or be harnessed for a country so well endowed with both men and material resources.

BUHARI is a God sent leader for Nigeria. Believe it or leave it. He is expected to set the pace for the foundation of a new Nigeria where things work. Where there are less thieves and looters of her treasury. Which is an attitude exhibited by those in position of authority in recent times as elected public servants including government appointees put in charge of affairs in trust, done purely out of primitivity, greed and an outright wickedness of heart carried out against their own people.

IF we the Nigerian people should allow ourselves to be robbed of this lifetime opportunity of BUHARI’S presence at the helm of affairs to have things done right, we’re finished as a country and as a people. Whether we believe it or not, it makes no difference as the Lord God Almighty does not expect ungodly and filthy, materially minded people to appreciate things of the Spirit or that which is endowed or enthroned of the Almighty.

WHY it is so is because all of what the Lord does to nations of the world in history from time immemorial are Spiritually discernible and ineffable in the eyes of those whose devilishness and satanic propensities often becloud their senses of the true appreciation of the Lord’s doings which as it is, always sounds and appears marvelous in their eyes and by extension, that of indolent men, women, our children including those youths who are unbelievers.

I LOVE General BUHARI even though I have not seen him in person. I was not too sound in health to attend the rally when he visited my State of Cross River during the last presidential campaigns far back. He does not know me either. He is an innocently ardent Fulani Muslim faithful from Daura Town in Katsina State. A retired general and two time president of our beloved country Nigeria.

AND I am a Christ Devotee, a Catholic by faith and an Ejagham/Efik man who hails from both Agborkem village and Ediba Qua Town in Calabar Municipality, the State capital of Cross River.

I USED to be a reporter with the state ministry of information, field publicity unit, Calabar. I am a leftist and one time newspaper editor, freelance columnist, activist, social critic, commentator, politician and defender of the truth and the trodden. We’re two different people but with one common denominator: “The fear of the LORD and the love for Nigeria”. He is my president in whom I am proud!

HE is different from all the other presidents and leaders who have ruled Nigeria in the past and most recently both in attitude, life style, their display of arrogance and who often were allegedly accused of total engrossment in womanizing, drunkenness and profligacy. They’re those responsible today, willy nilly, for the destruction of Nigeria where they stole and allowed others to loot the resources of this God blessed country whose citizens sorry to say, with my humble self inclusive, are believed to have shown the highest level of malleability and docility in the face of an imposed abject poverty and squalor to which the citizens are encumbered.

NIGERIA is the only place in this modern and abrasive world today where their elected leaders and government appointees are being allowed to loot the treasury with impunity and mindlessness with no iota of pity for the poor masses including children who are out of school and nursing mothers who hardly could afford three square meals a day to enable them have milk enough to breastfeed their children without those involved being apprehended and physically dealt with by the hungry and deprived masses.

NIGERIA is the only place equally in the modern world today where those alleged to have looted and are openly showcasing expensive items purchased as a desiderata for enjoyment from funds entrusted on them for development purposes are not openly vilified and stoned or made to account for their stewardship by forcing them to be prosecuted and jailed by special courts assigned to carry out such matters in the face of clear impoverishment by the act of wickedness of those leaders they put in charge of affairs seen flaunting wealth which were gotten through stealing of our common patrimonies.

AND anyone who hates General BUHARI for his abhorrences of the few examples I have just enumerated given the prevalence of decadence and the misplaced priorities and borrowed culture of nudity of both mothers and girls to which our dear country is saddled coupled with the display and flaunting of excessive wealth by past elected leaders that cannot be accounted for nor justified now in our country, is himself a devil who will always see nothing good in things of the Lord as they were.

THESE are those who would neither appreciate nor agree to applaud the works and effort thereto as displayed by the children of LIGHT exemplified in the attitude of President Muhammadu BUHARI as against those of DARKNESS displayed by those who were presidents before him in recent times.

WHY is it that the people of Nigeria and the so-called Jobs-men and Runs-men all of who are today’s hard critics and activists especially those from Yoruba extraction expects too much from BUHARI? And it was never so with other presidents before him, do you know? I am asking you, yes, you, haters; if you’re one!

BECAUSE if the same pressure, the type which is being mounted now on the current president were put (one third of it) on the other presidents before him and the public check directed strictly as it is being focussed now on a daily basis on the activities of this government headed by General BUHARI, things wouldn’t have been this bad as we find them presently. If all the monies generated by Nigerian governments in the past particularly under those presidents especially in Chief Obasanjo’s era and tenure were properly utilized, we would’ve had a lot to see than things are presently.

AND that includes the stupendous funds our own son from the South South minority, former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan generated from oil proceeds that were exported with funds realised in hard currency amounting to trillions of US Dollars and with favourable exchange rates in the country then which was relatively low against the dollars. Do you know? I am asking you who fights and badmouths everything done by this government headed by Buhari?

IF you do not have the answer to my question above, I will give it to you right away. Listen:

“IT is because your Spirit (you who accuses the government of ineptitude) and those of the likes of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, Reno Omokri, our own Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, Governor Matthew Ortom, Chief Dele Momodu, Chief Ayo Fayose, Chief Mike Ezekhome (SAN), Omoyele Sowere, and other Jobs-men and Runs-men critics of BUHARI all know that the President we have this time around is God sent.

AND therefore they expected him by all cost to be exemplary. Or must do the right thing as one who knows and has the right frame of mind and character. And the doggedness of the Spirit with which to crush evil at sight. Have you ever thought about that; dude? Sometimes we act impulsively and do reflect such modes or character unknowingly.

IN addition, these characters of men who are shamelessly trying to deceive us; all know the current president from his antecedents as one who is importunate in his resolve in pursuing a goal and has the capacity as a retired military general to repel fear from belligerent forces invoked by our evil men and women who threaten the system often just to have their way amongst whom are some of the alleged looters of the county’s treasury who are powerful men and women involved in the occult. And are also alleged to be behind or are the outright sponsors of all the carnage and atrocities we have been experiencing including banditry, kidnapping and terrorism prevalent in our society today that seems to beat the imaginations of Nigerians in a manner never heard of before now.

GENERAL BUHARI is one leader we have today in Nigeria who appears to have the backing of the Almighty (by the look of things) saddled with the responsibility of carrying out the task of cleansing the Augean stable, period! That was the reason why it became impossible for those who wanted to kill him to succeed despite the combined forces of all the powerful men and women of the occult and other bodies including sorcerers in some of the different Christian churches put together who held him captive spiritually for months unendingly but couldn’t transmit his soul to the world beyond.

ALL that was because the Lord God Almighty was with him. And he is one man who has resigned himself and life to fate in the hands of the Lord to do its biddings even though he was born to see the Lord through the lenses and teachings of Prophet MOHAMMED, (May Peace be upon him). Consult with your Spirit man. And you’ll discover what I mean.

I am a Christian not a Muslim. I am a Christ Devotee. I operate at the level of the saints where goodness and mercies of the Lord reign supreme. I don’t operate at the level of the prophets. I don’t see what those who deal with prophets see or hear. So I do not place my assessments and judgement of anyone on the basis of his inclination to Prophet Muhammed or the followers of Jesus Christ our Lord as a prophet who was once here on earth two thousand years or so ago. I talk of the ALMIGHTY who is unseen. And who operates in the void as a Ghost and Holy. And as the embodiment of everything be they good or evil.

THE Almighty who I talk about operates in the void and is aware of what I do here on earth as the unseen monitor and does so equally to anyone who chooses the part of the Lord and that of righteousness. It does that as Holy Ghost through the Holy Spirit’s presence which is often in touch and influences my spirit man and gives protection to my Soul. And deploys Angels to encamp around me to make sure nothing untoward occurs and helps me to refrain from the temptation and entrapment and lure of loose beautiful women of all shapes and matured ages who now act as agents of marine deities as well as evil of all sorts.


PLEASE, do not forget to speak to any of the blocs you’re close to or that to which you belong within the party hierarchy in Abuja, by urging them to graciously consider me as the best man for the office of the National Publicity Secretary of our great party on merit from the South South zone, in the forthcoming National Convention of the party slated, hopefully, for the 26th of March, the Lord willing. I have nobody to talk on my behalf up there but you. Yes, you! I am speaking to you sir/ma. Take a chance on me.

I AM a tested and trusted product with many years of experience in political engineering, propaganda and partisan politics as well as its intrigues. Presently I have something to showcase and this includes my thankless contributions in the areas where I have comparative advantage as I have ably publicized our activities as a party and in stout defence of the leader of our great party as well as President Mohammadu Buhari. If the party truly rewards loyalty and ferventness.

I WOULD do much more in the positive as the party’s spokesperson if I am given the opportunity to man such office and my integrity will remain undiminished. I sincerely count on your trust.

“End Time Message!


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