Tell Ghanaians the truth about how you made your wealth – Popular Lawyer tells Cheddar And McDan



According to Maurice Ampaw, some wealthy men in the country need to be advising the youth on how to be successful.

He lambasted men like McDan, Kweku Oteng, Cheddar, and Despite for trying to motivate the Ghanaian youth negatively. Lawyer Ampaw noted that these men come and lie to the youth about how they started with one chair, a small amount, or with nothing.

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“You didn’t start with anything small. Stop lying to the youth. Recently I heard Cheddar saying something and I was sad. Let us be real to the youth. You can’t tell me you started with one plot and now you have companies. Tell the youth the truth. There are other things you need to tell the youth. The youth should learn from Wontumi who has been telling the youth the truth” lawyer Ampaw said.

According to Mr. Ampaw personalities like Chairman Wontumi are some of the honest big men in the country because he has narrated how he started from nothing and how honesty and hard work have brought him the wealth he is enjoying. With direct reference to Cheddar and McDan, lawyer Ampaw called them to be honest and teach the youth how to be successful.

To the youth, Maurice Ampaw called on them to stop relying on governments because there is no hope when men rely on other men. He called on Ghanaians to look to God and work hard to succeed.

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