Surgical error gets Stephanie Benson hospitalized



Not the best of news from the camp of Stephanie Benson as the musician has been hospitalized, a tweet from her husband announced, Monday.

Accompanying the tweet with a picture of the gorgeous musician, Jonathan Benson indicated that his wife had undergone surgery.

“Hi, This is Jon. Typing a message for Stephanie. ‘Sorry I haven’t been online. A routine op turned bad. Unfortunately, doctors make surgical errors, we have to live with them so still in the hospital. Sending you Soo much love,’” the tweet sighted by GhanaWeb read.

Tweeps have since been sending goodwill messages wishing Stephanie Benson a speedy recovery while others have encouraged Jon and the family to stay strong.

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The 51-year-old musician is one of the showbiz personalities with a huge following due to how she unreservedly flaunts her family on social media. On countless occasions, she has shared snippets of what goes on in the lives of every member of her nuclear family.

Her relationship advice and how she dazzles in her racy pictures have all won her admiration from different quarters.

She’s been married to Jon for over three decades with five children.

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