Student caught writing exams for his girlfriend unable to graduate, lady completes and marries someone else



An interesting story about how a young man risked his life for his girlfriend who never reciprocated his kind gesture has been shared online.

As narrated by a tweep who happens to be a friend of the guy in question, the student was caught in the exam hall by a lecturer while trying to write final examinations for his girlfriend.

The lecturer who knew him very well refused to expel him outright but failed him in two courses as punishment for his action, whereas his girlfriend graduated.

The lady moved on so quickly and got married to another woman after which she moved to the Island of Seychelles with her man for their honeymoon while this guy is still struggling to graduate.

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The tweet reads; ”One of my university mates risked it all to write the exam for his then gf, he was caught by a lecturer he was close to.

He was in his final yr & so the lecturer didn’t want him expelled, the lecturer punished him by deliberately failing him in 2 of his courses.
Gf graduated.

My guy couldn’t pass the courses & had 2 extra yrs.
He was still in such when the gf left for service.

He was still in that same sch when the gf told him that she was getting married.

He was still in the same sch, she got married & had her honeymoon in Seychelles.


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