Shocking video drops as man removes sand he used to fill potholes after passing cars failed to donate any money



An unidentified man has shocked the internet after a video dropped, showing him removing sand used to fill potholes.

The issue of potholes has always been a nuisance to road users, especially cars, until the emergence of community-centered interventions.

These community-centered interventions saw members of communities, mostly men, go out of their way to cover and patch bad roads.

At first blush, it was a wonderful initiative, but as time passed, road users realized many of these road patchers use it as bait.

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They would often patch a small portion of the roads, and spend the rest of the day begging for alms.

For this reason, road users have suddenly refused to encourage that behavior by refusing to donate monies even when they do the work.

Consequently, this new video circulating across social platforms shows how self-centred our society has become.

Watch the video below as a Ghanaian man removes sand over a lack of donations.

Sad as it is, none of these actions can be justified, as road users are not obligated to donate monies for amateurs to patch roads.

On the flip side, some of these people who patch roads go through so much to fetch sand, stones and other material to smoothen bad roads.

It’s only fair that both parties look out for each other.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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