Sarkodie’s breakthrough was aided by the addition of melody, according to Okyeame Kwame


Sarkodie, according to Okyeame Kwame, has achieved enormous popularity in rap music because he incorporated melody into his signature style of rap.

This claim was made by The “Rap Doctor” in a recent radio interview.

He claimed that while everyone initially enjoyed Sarkodie’s music, its success only came after he began to add melody.

“Let me give a well-known example, such as Sarkodie. We all liked Sarkodie’s rapping when he first started, but it wasn’t until he added melody that he truly became a household name, the man admitted.

Okyeame emphasized the value of melodies once more in his speech. He stated that as melody is the most challenging aspect of the creative process, it is crucial that we don’t compromise it.

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