Russia War On Ukraine: God Should Just Strike Putin Dead – Governance Lecturer Prays



Dr Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah

According to a publication by Dailymail in the United Kingdom, Russia, today, ”launched an all-out war on Ukraine with simultaneous attacks coming from the south, east and north, by land and by air”.

The publication further disclosed that ”missiles and bombs rained from the sky, tanks rolled across the border, troops parachuted down on eastern regions and explosions were seen across the country after Vladimir Putin gave the order to attack”.

Hundreds of Ukrainian troops are said to have been killed in the clashes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin cleared a military operation in Ukraine as diplomatic talks to prevent the clash between the two countries and the imposition of Western sanctions on Russia to deter Putin have all failed.

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According to, Putin’s action is aimed at defending separatists in the east of the country, called the Donbas region.

“I have made the decision of a military operation,” he said in a statement.

President Putin has reportedly marched over 150,000 troops along the borders of Ukraine and has called on Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms.

US President Joe Biden has also warned of “consequences” for Russia, stressing the world will “hold Russia accountable” for her actions.

Touching on this development during Peace FM’s morning show ”Kokrokoo”, Dr. Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah noted that President Putin’s actions will have a huge ripple effect on world economies.

He feared there could be a ”third world war”, therefore asking God to strike Putin dead.

”Why can’t God just strike him dead? . . . For a situation like this, he (Putin) should have been struck dead by the next morning,” he said.

He added; ”I pray God that, when he starts the fight, he should be part of the first Russians who die.”

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