Quality of call service has been horrendous – Sam George as he accuses NCA of majoring in the minors



Ningo Prampram Lawmaker, Samuel Nartey George has said that the quality of call service over the past few weeks has been horrendous and leaves a lot to be desired.

He explained that in any functional democracy, the regulator, in this case, the National Communications Authority (NCA) would have issued public statements to assuage the concerns of citizens but that has not been done.

He also said they would have told customers of the service providers what steps they are taking to ensure that the telecommunications Companies improve the service experience.

“Alas, this is Ghana! A country where the regulator is more interested in punishing the citizens than ensuring they are protected from a private interest.

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“It is imperative that CEO of the NCA Joe Anokye and the regulator immediately outline to the Ghanaian public what remedial steps they are taking to ensure an improvement in call quality and the overall telecoms experience. Enough of the lackadaisical behavior! The customers deserve much better!”

He further indicated that “The NCA, they major in minors and minor in the major. As the regulator, they are supposed to be protecting the interest of customers but in this case, we see a regulator who is not interested in customer satisfaction and the quality of service that the Telcos are giving, but are rather, conniving with the Telcos who are offering us crappy services.

“So long also as the telcos keep quiet and go ahead with the illegal directives of the NCA,  “When you have a regulator using service providers to punish the customer, that regulator is unable to enforce quality from the service providers and that is the mess we see.

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“Everybody whether you have registered or not registered is having a horrible user experience be it voice or data.”

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|

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