Pray for Empress Gifty; Women of God don’t dress like that – Prophetess Gifty Pinamang



Prophetess Gifty Pinamang has called out gospel musician Empress Gifty for dressing indecently to perform on stage at the Ashaiman to the World concert.

The founder and Leader of Christ Salvation Power Chapel pointed out that Mrs. Gifty Adorye may have had good intentions for performing that night. But it served no purpose if she propagated her body over the gospel.

“How many men paid attention to the words of her song than her body? Men are attracted by what they see. I want to pull souls, so even if I want to put on trousers because of my earlier intentions, they should not be tight on my skin.”

Prophetess Pinamang, who had earlier criticized women for wearing makeup, disclosed that she chose to pray for Empress Gifty for her ungodly outfit.

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“When people were insulting her, I went to watch the video. But I did not comment on it. I would rather pray for Gifty in secret. Her outfit does not glorify God. It pleases man. It was not good.

“If the Holy Spirit resides in you before you come out with a certain appearance, he will rebuke you. The Bible cautions us to dress modestly to glorify God. Now she said she was going to win souls for Christ. Where is her uniform as a godly woman or a married woman?” she questioned MO7 TV.

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