Popular Dubai based Nigerian billionaire Dharmie Richie allegedly killed by his own Mother – Details



A popular Dubai based Nigerian socialite, Dharmie Richie, has sadly died in mysterious circumstances.

Dharmie, real name Sodiq Oluwadamilola, died over the weekend in Dubai.

The Instagram rich kid is reported to have died from depression after battling it for over two years.

Reports of his death has started a scandal in Nigeria as his family members have come out to accuse his own mum of killing him!

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Dharmie was one of the rich internet boys who live a flashy life and was actually friends with Hushpuppi once upon a time.

He owns numerous cars, houses and all sorts of other flashy possessions.

According to a video released by one of his family members, Dharmie did not die of depression as is being reported.

The family member claims that he was killed by his own mum in order to steal his properties.

Read incredible details of this claim as reported by Gossip Mill Naija below…

Breaking News: “IG Big Boy/Billionaire Dharmie Richie was K*lled by his own Mother, he did not d*ie of any Depression.

His own mother was Jealous of him and wanted all his Money and wealth all because he Made the Mistake Of Buying all his Properties with her name, same exact way She K*lled her Own Husband blood came out of his nose and ears, and that’s the same way Dharmie also di*ed, Blood also came out of his own Nose and ears”

Family members cry out for Justice as they show the poor state of the Grave Dharmie Richie was buried after making billions when he was alive, they are alleging that his mother dumped his de*ad body with them without no Explanation on what happened to him and fled!!! 🚴🏿‍♀️


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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