Payment of September salaries of some gov’t sector workers suspended



The Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) has withheld the payment of the September 2022 salaries of some public sector workers.

This is because of the mismatch of employees’ bank names on the Government of Ghana payroll.

Others affected are workers with invalid bank account numbers.

In a statement, the CAGD said the decision to suspend the payment of the salaries is a result of ongoing “quality assurance and other validation processes”.

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It advised employees whose bank names are mmismatchedreport to the payroll coordination unit of CAGD at block A room 32 with documents under a cover from the MDA confirming they are at the post.

Items requested include [appointment letter, current posting letter, national identification card, pay slips for the last three months, and a voided cheque leaflet of bank account].

“For employees with invalid bank account numbers, they are supposed to submit their correct account numbers to the PPSs for update”, the release added.


Source: Citi News

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