My horrifying experience travelling as illegal immigrant by sea – Italy-based Ghanaian explains



Ghanaian based in Italy, Jeffery Sowah has shared his journey from Tema, through to Western Africa, Libya to Italy, Europe.

In an interview with SVTV Africa’s new show called ‘Daily Hustle Across the World’, Jeffery revealed that he had always planned to travel for greener pastures. However, his only chance was by road/sea.

Jeffrey traveled for the first time in 2012.

Before his journey, he learned a few things about sailing a boat.

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He revealed that by this, not only would he be paid by the connection agents, but he could only bring three people along with him.

“In 2012, I got the chance, and I was transporting 125 passengers. We moved from Ghana to Togo, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Benin. But after 15 hours on the sea, the boat blasted. We had to spend two days on the sea.”

As the captain, he decided to divert his path to Tunis instead of Italy. According to Jeffrey, they were received with open arms because the locals said dead bodies had arrived there two days earlier.

Despite all his efforts, they were all deported to their respective countries after a month. It didn’t deter Jeffrey. He went through the same channel after staying in Ghana for a month.

“In 2013, I moved again as the captain. We got rescued in Lampedusa, but I was transported to Venice. That’s why I still live here,” he said.

Jeffery also spoke about how he got documents and the Italian passport as an immigrant by sea.

Kindly watch the full interview below for more

Source: SVTV Africa

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