”MSika duro and ashawo is the source of many people’s wealth”– Bishop Ajagurajah reveals



Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, also known as Prophet Ajagurjah, is the founder and leader of the Ajagurajah Movement. He has responded to the problem of celebrities and regular people showing off their heavy assets on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

People with a lot of money now often post pictures of their properties on the internet to show off their wealth and make people with less money feel bad.

Bishop Ajagurajah, who is a spiritual commando, says that most of our celebrities and stars are involved in deep sika duro, and the women are also involved in big-time ashawo business. However, they tell their fans that they worked hard to get what they have.

In a self-made video that has gone viral on the internet, a Ghanaian said that Ghanaian celebrities and stars should stop talking about “hard work” because Ghanaians are tired of the lame lies.

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He also told them to show us the “hard work” they were doing, because we all know that hard workers in this country can’t even afford a good meal, let alone cars and houses.

Bishop Ajagurjah, who seems to know more about what these “rich people” do behind the scenes, said that some of them even go to Senegal and Benin to get spiritually stronger.

The women also use “command charms” to get the rich men they date to build them mansions and buy them cars.

To find out more, watch the video below…


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