Mother teams up with son to steal clothes from a boutique – Video



lady and her child were caught on camera stealing from a boutique.

A mother and her son believed to be less than 10 years teamed up to steal from a shop, according to a CCTV camera installed inside the boutique.

The mother and son pretended to be shopping when they entered the store, but their true intention was to steal.

She instructed her son to be mischievous in the shop and to play wildly with some of the store’s things.

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To keep her son from playing with the store’s merchandise, the mother had the shop attendant hand over her phone to him to play a game so she could focus on her shopping.

The youngster turned off the phone and handed it to his mother, who went on with her window shopping.

The way the son proceeded to the business counter to steal the daily sales only to find the CCTV screen put in the shop makes everything look like a true planned plot to steal.

The son was uneasy after discovering that the shop had a CCTV camera capturing everything.

He moved to alarm the mother, but she didn’t understand what the son was trying to say with his current motions.

The youngster began behaving insanely in an attempt to persuade the mother that the CCTV camera had caught them, but the mother was unconvinced and went on to another section of the store.

She explained to the shopkeepers that the youngster is behaving because he isn’t feeling well.

Watch the video below:

The other shop attendant attempted several times without success to contact the other shop attendant whose phone had been stolen, but it had been turned off.

Eventually, the mother and boy left the business without being noticed.


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