Missing excavators: NPP goverment cooked stories for my sacking.- Hon. Frimpong Boateng( Former Minister).


In an interview, Hon. Frimpong Boateng took the opportunity to clear the air about the missing excavators and how he got sacked.

“The truth of the matter is that at the start of operation vanguard, the soldiers were supposed to arrest the excavators and they go into the forest where they are doing the mining and they remove the control board. So if they remove 20 control boards today, they report that they have mobilized 20 control boards. But when they go away, they’ll bring new control boards and fix them then off they go.

So we got a report that they had mobilized over 750 excavators so we appointed somebody to go round and check. When we went round, we got about 150, 200 that we could see. The rest had either been given to their owners or they put in some extra parts and move them away. Then someone put it out there that Frimpong Boateng has taken 500 excavators, what am I going to do with it? There was an orchestration scheme within the government to get me out so that… why is it that when I left, now everybody is in the forest. At that time you dare not enter the forest,” Hon. Frimpong Boateng narrated.

Come to think about this, if the NPP could do this to their own minister then one can conclude that everything they said about Former President Mahama were all cooked.

What do you also think?

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