Military capabilities Of Russia And Ukraine – Check Out



In terms of military and weaponry, Russia and Ukraine are like Goliath and David in the Bible.

Russia has one of the top armed militaries and weaponry in the world.

Here’s how the two country’s military capabilities stack up:

Defence spending: Ukraine spent $4.7 billion in 2021, just over a tenth of nuclear-armed Russia’s $45.8 billion, according to a recent “The Military Balance” report by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

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Manpower: Russia has 900,000 active personnel in its armed forces and 2 million in reserve. Ukraine has 196,000 and 900,000 reservists. Inland forces, Russia has a twofold advantage, with 280,000 troops to Ukraine’s 125,600. And its air force is nearly five times as strong, with 165,00 to Ukraine’s 35,000. Russia had an estimated 200,000 personnel in and around Ukraine.

Weaponry and vehicles: Russia has more than 15,857 armoured fighting vehicles, for example, to Ukraine’s 3,309. It has more than 10 times the aircraft — 1,391 to Ukraine’s 128, and 821 helicopters to Ukraine’s 55 if you include Navy aircraft. Where Russia has 49 submarines, Ukraine has none, according to IISS.

Combat will: Ukrainian forces have, however, launched some successful counterattacks. Experts have noted that the sheer combat will among Ukrainian troops to defend their homes and families against Russian acts of violence has been the armed forces’ greatest strength.


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