Rapper Medikal was taken aback when he decided to fill his vehicle with fuel.

At a filling station earlier in the week, the ‘Omo Ada’ hitmaker decided to get a full tank. His footage posted on social media showed he had bought about 67 litres.

However, the price he paid was a shocker to him. Medikal had to pay about ¢540, which he noted was an unexpected increase from his previous purchases.

Medikal, after paying for the fuel, said he would buy a horse at some point following the increase in prices.

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The rapper wondered if the proposed introduction of the E-Levy had anything to do with the increase in fuel prices.

However, the attendant explained that the E-Levy bill has not been passed. He added that fuel prices increase did not correlate with the levy and its proposed introduction.

The attendant noted that there is a possibility the prices would continue to increase.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, February 26, a 15% increase in Transport fares will apply for all road transport journeys within the country.

The Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council announced the increment following weeks of engagement with the various unions.

But some of these unions have rejected the proposed increment insisting they will implement a 30% hike as announced on February 17, 2022.

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