Mcbrown reportedly joins TV3 after leaving UTV.


Barely a week and a half ago, it was reported that actress Nana Ama McBrown had quit her job as anchor of United Showbiz on UTV in order to start a fish farm.

This unverified rumor was started by Gloria Enyonam, a TikToker, who hinted at McBrown’s resignation in a video she uploaded on the video-sharing app.

She said that the multidimensional screen diva made the decision to resign from her hosting responsibilities as result of certain heinous acts committed against her when she served as the host of the late-night entertainment program.

The Tiktoker pleaded with McBrown in the clip seen by Eaglenewsgh to concentrate on her advertisements in order to safeguard her brand and dignity from further humiliation. McBrown has been inundated with ambassadorial opportunities.

Despite appearing to imply that McBrown may have taken her employers, Fada Dickson and the management of UTV, to court over the matter, the loudmouth Tiktok star failed to clearly specify what caused McBrown to resign from her position.

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She is heard indicating that McBrown’s employers are having trouble reaching a settlement amicably because they cannot afford a competent attorney.

Once social media became rife with rumors about Mcbrown’s departure from UTV, another story said that Mzgee had been given a new contract to host the late-night entertainment program “United Showbiz” on UTV.

Mzgee has not yet been formally introduced as the new face of the program, but her regular appearance suggests that the rumors may be accurate.

In the middle of the commotion, a fresh allegation from Instagram blogger Aba The Great claims that Mcbrown has allegedly joined TV3 after leaving UTV to host her own show.

Aba adamantly asserted on her IG wall:


McBrown was treated well, paid well, and welcomed into the UTV family while working there, but she still left.

We are all currently awaiting official confirmation or rejection from both Mcbrown and Mzgee.


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