Let’s take a Look at Nzulezu the village built on Water in Ghana. Ghana tourism.


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Nzulezo is a village located near the village of Beyin, 90 kilometers west of Takoradi, in the Jomoro District jomoro the Western Region of Ghana. Over 500 people live in the community.

The name “Nzulezo” in the Nzema language means “water surface”, and is a village on stilts of “Ewuture” origin situated close to the northwest shore. The “Ewuture” maintained the waterways and transportation of goods and people. According to local legend, the village was built by a group of people from Oualata, a city in the ancient Ghana Empire and in present-day Mauritania, which came about from following a snail. The snail is therefore a totem and revered by the people of Nzulezo.

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Nzulezu was built over Lake Tadane. The settlement of Nzulezo consists of stilt-supported structures.

The reason Nzulezo was built over water was for protection and safety during attacks in times of war since it lies five miles inland of the Southwest shores.

The main activities of its inhabitants is agriculture, while fishery plays a secondary role. The lake is perceived by the local population to protect against certain risks (e.g. a fire). The village did have some of the houses partially submerged from a flood in 2009…

Source: Pure FM Kumasi.

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