Leaving Italy for the UK changed my life – UK-based Ghanaian nurse



Rita Mantey is a Ghanaian and a citizen of Italy who migrated to the United Kingdom mainly due to the language barrier and racist comments often passed by the white Italians.

In an interview on SVTV Africa’s newest show called ‘Daily Hustle Across the World, Rita told DJ Nyaami that aside from the language and racism, it is difficult to get a good job in Italy.

As a result, most Africans, especially Ghanaians, move to England or other English-speaking countries.

According to the nurse, she could never get the opportunity to study to become a nurse in Italy. Moreover, Ghanaian parents prefer to migrate to English-speaking countries for educational purposes.

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“I’m an Italian citizen, but when I moved here, my life has become very comfortable. It is hard to stay there in terms of education. If you don’t study their language well, you won’t get there.

“Looking at how easy it was to become a nurse here, it wouldn’t have been so in Italy. It is a real struggle,” she revealed.

Rita further stated that bigotry is the order of the day. She disclosed that some white Italians sometimes ignore a black shop attendant for a white one.

“Sometimes, they won’t even sit by you in a bus. But I’ve never experienced that here in nine years. You can do anything you want and get a certificate in any field,” she added.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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