Kofi Adomah was beaten for cheating on his wife – Maa Linda



Controversial Ghanaian Tiktoker, Maa Linda, is the latest person to comment on Kofi Adomah’s trending beatings that have consequently opened a can of worms on the internet.

According to Maa Linda, Kofi Adomah was not attacked by armed robbers as he wants Ghanaians to believe.

The famed Tiktoker went on to allege in this trending video that Kofi Adomah was beaten by a set of thugs who were hired by one of the numerous women she has duped.

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Maa Linda also categorically stated in the trending video that Kofi Adomah is fond of sleeping with married women both in Ghana and abroad and she has a bucket of evidence to back her claims.

As wildly alleged by Maa Linda and another Europen-based Ghanaian woman, Kofi Adomah is the cause of his own downfall because he was earlier advised to bring back the money he has chopped from the woman but he refused to listen.

On the authority of Maa Linda, Kofi Adomah wasn’t attacked by armed robbers or assailants as reported by himself and the media.

But rather, he was beaten with canes by some hoodlums hired by one of the numerous women he has slept with – And chopped her money in the process.

Watch the video below to know more…


Kofi Adomah Nwanwanii, a media personality at the Angel Broadcasting Network, has been admitted to hospital following an attack on him by some unknown men.

The incident is said to have occurred on Saturday, August 6, 2022, around Old Ashongman.

According to information gathered, Mr. Adoma, who is the CEO of Kofi TV and the host of Angel FM’s morning show, was returning from Kuntunse, when the attackers crossed him.

The men, who were on motorbikes and armed with sharp objects, left injuries on the presenter’s face, arms and shoulders.

Further reports indicate that they attempted to set him ablaze after pouring some substance believed to be petrol on him.


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