Joyce Blessing goes after popular Ghanaian prophet – Calls him a liar in new video



Joyce Blessing has lunched a cyber attack on popular Ghanaian Prophet Ajaguraja for allegedly peddling lies and challenging a Christian doctorine.

Ajaguraja has said sometime ago that that Jesus Christ, the savior of Christians, never died as history has it.

He also added that the Son of God Almighty married Mary Magdalene and they gave birth while on earth to save mankind.

It is common Christian knowledge that the sin of God, Jesus Christ, was crucified on the cross, he died and was buried but rose on the third day and ascended into heaven.

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The Bible makes it clear that Jesus dedicated the over 30 years he spent on earth to evangelism, healing and saving humans from perishing in hell.

Ajaguraja thinks that biblical teaching is false but Jesus married and even gave birth, also, he did not die has how it was described in the Bible.

Reacting to the viral statement made by a supposed man of God, Joyce Blessing has recorded a new song to rubbish all the claims from Ajaguraja.

The Gospel musician described the popular man of God as a liar.

According to Joyce, the savior Jesus Christ was crucified and buried but he rose on the third day and he’s on the right hand of the Father interceding on our behalf.

She went on to say Jesus Christ I trending while Ajaguraja is up and about speaking nonsense.

Watch the video below.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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