John Mahama will win the 2024 Presidential Polls – Prophet Joel



Prophet Joel of Insight for Living Ministries has prophesied that former President Mahama of the National Democratic Congress in Ghana will win the next presidential election of Ghana with 59 per cent.


Prophet Joel revealed this today in his early sermons of today’s church services.

The former President of Ghana, John Mahama officially launched his campaign this week in the volta region of Ghana.

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The former President made a pronouncement of cancellation of ex-gratia of the article 71 holders and many other things – which has generated a lot of argument in the media outlet and on the social media space.

According to Manasseh Azure, John Mahama can become the best President if his comeback is based on legacy and not something else. Already, a lot happens under his regime as the President of Ghana but he manages to build many monumental projects that generate money for Ghana.

Ghana under the current President, Nana Addo, has become a mess since independence — President Nana Addo promised many things but is now delivering hell. Ghana’s debts have ballooned under his watch over the few years in office. Currently, Ghana is back to the IMF and begging countries like China for debts to be cancelled.

Many Ghanaians also are of the view that former President Mahama managed Ghana well than President Nana Addo.

Do you believe, former President Mahama will win the 2024 election?



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