INDEPENDENCE DAY: Use the fund’s Reserve for Celebration for Projects —Sophia Akuffo To President Nana Addo


The immediate past Chief Justice of Ghana, Sophia Akuffo has received tremendous compliments from the good people of Ghana after her critiques on the Independence day celebration.

The former Chief Justice of Ghana, Sophia Akuffo in an interview with Citi FM advocated that the government should use funds allocated for this year’s independence celebration for projects rather than spending the money on food etc.

Read the full statement of the former Chief Justice beneath;

“I think whatever money is going to be spent on this celebration with everybody going to the Volta region, if they had selected a deprived district and built a new school or selected a ramshackle district hospital or health centre and upgraded it and named it Independence School or Independence Hospital, it will be good.

Then every year they pick a region and a project and do it, that would be money better spent…this will inure to the benefit of the people, and it will last, but they are going to talk, march, eat and come back and then that’s all,” our immediate past Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo is quoted to have said.”

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