Independence Day: Let’s not line up school kids in the sun – Kofi Bentil



Lawyer and Senior Vice President of policy think tank Imani Africa Kofi Bentil is advocating against making schoolchildren line up in and march as a way of celebrating Ghana’s Independence Day this year. For him, such a practice is an abuse of the children and must be done away with.

Ghana’s Independence Day celebrations, which fall on March 6 every year is often celebrated with schoolchildren queuing and observing a march pass among other activities. The practice has received condemnation especially when young children stand hours on end and undertake rather a grueling march pass.

This year, Mr. Bentil is calling on authorities to do away with it.

“I sincerely hope we have matured beyond lining kids in the Sun to March in the name of Independence Day!

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Can we avoid abusing kids this 6th March please!” He appealed.

It is unlikely that his appeal would be considered given that schoolchildren across the country have been practicing how to march on the day, which is next Sunday.

Over the past decades, some schoolchildren have fainted at these Independence Day celebrations causing advocates to call for the exclusion of children from the exhausting activity but the status quo has remained.

This year, Ghana Celebrates 65 years since it attained independence from the British.

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