In a proper political system opposition will never talk about coups – Gyampo lashes



A lecturer at the University of Ghana Political Science Ransford Gyampo believes it’s time Ghana looks at doing away with winner takes all system.

He believes that in proper political conduct, politicians will provide alternatives to problems in the country and will not be speaking about coups like some members of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) have been suggesting in recent times.

Gyampo believes that if opposition parties had roles to play in government, its members will not be thinking about coups because of the hardship that is rife in the country.

“The proper conduct of politics should make it possible for politicians to talk through problems, offering constructive suggestions, rather than insinuating coups. Let us rethink our winner-takes-all and winner-knows-all politics, and open up,” he made this observation known on Facebook.

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It could be remembered that the Dean of the University of Ghana’s Law School Raymond Atuguba in a presentation linked the hardship o Ghana to a coup because times are hard.


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