IMF move hasty – Gyampo



A political science lecturer at the University of Ghana Professor Ransford Gyampo has described it as a hasty government’s decision to go o the International Monetary Fund for an economic bailout.

In the view of the UTAG- General Secretary on Legon campus, the government ought to have assessed the performance of the electronic transfer levy before proceeding to the IMF.

He argued that the government should have known that the implementation of the levy was going to suffer some setbacks due to the level of opposition that greeted the proposal, but with time Ghanaians would have begun appreciating the use of the levy.

He also insisted that the real benefits of the levy would have been seen and felt after six months.

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“I don’t think the e-levy has failed. We should have given ourselves like six months to properly assess the performance of the levy before proceeding to IMF.

“I don’t understand why the government would go to the IMF. Less than two months into the implementation of the e-levy you are going to the IMF. This is an indication that the implementation of the levy was not well thought through. The decision is too hasty,” he told Kwesi Parker-Wilson on a Kumasi-based TV station.

Prof Gyampo also warned that the country will be ‘ungovernable’ if the government accepts any IMF conditionality that freezes wage increment.

According to him, University teachers across the country will begin a series of protests against any conditionalities that will deny public sector workers an increment in their salaries and improved living conditions.

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