‘I’m too expensive for sale; nobody can afford to bribe me’ – Onsy Nkrumah



The first son of Ghana’s first president, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, who is the 1st Vice-Chair of the CPP, Only Kwame Nkrumah, has said unlike some of his colleague executives, he is too expensive to be bribed.

Speaking on how to revive the CPP ahead of Nkrumah’s 113th birthdate tomorrow, his son noted friends from Europe and America have always pursued him with the need to come and reawaken his father’s party which is something he is determined to do.

However, some executives of the party currently are in bed with the government and the main opposition party making the quest for a formidable force a mirage.

When asked if he can also be possibly influenced one day like his colleague executives as he claimed, he said “nobody can afford to bribe me because I’m not for sale. I’m very expensive.”

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Meanwhile, he opines the possibility of attaining the dream of reforming the party is a two-way affair.

“The possibility of cleaning the party or not is 50-50. Friends in America, and Europe ask me why I don’t go and reform my father’s party.

“The other parties sponsor people inside the CPP so we have a microcosm in the CPP. They accept monies and are sponsored but they won’t come out to say,” he emphasized.

These allegations have earlier been made by Captain Smart as part of his series of vilifying the CPP leadership to revitalize the party to become the country’s third force to battle the NPP and NDC for power, even though he did not mention any names.

But Mr. Onsy Nkrumah mentioned names saying the “CPP represents the mess in Ghana. CPP represents a small mess of the bigger mess we have in Ghana. There are hypocrites who are paid to be hypocrites and they wouldn’t admit that they are hypocrites.

“Nana Frimpomaa lost but she carries herself as Chair of the party. She is one of the people sponsored by the NPP. Unfortunately, I didn’t know and I used to be close to her. Two of the officers were aware. She has been given GH₵2.7 million, a V8, two pickups, and 20 motorbikes.

“She kept the cars –the V8 she is using and the pick-ups for the party’s use –money, motorbikes I didn’t know I was sidelined. She said it was given to her in her personal capacity.

“₵2.7m she has kept. Some of the money was collected in bags and two of the executives helped her carry it and subsequent ones in her account. Others to her son whom she has appointed a position in the party,” he told Captain Smart, host of Maakye on Onua TV/FM.

By Felix Anim-Appau|Onuaonline.com

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