I reject the notion that “God provides, God takes.” Majid Michel: “Atsu wasn’t intended to pass away.”


Majid Michel, a Ghanaian actor, disagrees with the majority of Christians in Ghana who find comfort in the idea that Christian Atsu’s death was God’s plan.

He claims that Christians have taken the biblical adage “God gives and God takes” out of context and that it no longer accurately captures the meaning of the word.

The phrase was coined by Job in the Bible out of anguish, according to Majid Michel, who explained it in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz. It has since become a doctrine.

“I don’t believe in the adage ‘you never know what tomorrow may bring, God provides and God takes.’ That is untrue. Job was the one who said that.

“The adage, ‘God gives and God takes,’

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