I regret going to school to learn the parts of grasshopper- Brother Sammy discloses



Ghanaian sensational gospel musician Brother Sammy has disclosed that he regrets wasting his time in the classroom.

Brother Sammy has said that a lot of the things studied in the classrooms are unnecessary, hence having the feeling that his little time spent in school was a waste of time.

Speaking in an interview on Angel FM, the self-acclaimed nation worshipper, Brother Sammy openly revealed that he has greater regrets for going to school.

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Brother Sammy revealing why he regrets going to school, said that he grew up to realize that most of the things he was taught in school were gibberish. And after coming to a realization, his dislike for school has intensified.

According to the gospel singer, most of the subjects and topics are irrelevant to human lives. He cited an example of learning the parts of grasshoppers, mice, etc; saying it adds no value to human lives.


He however advised parents to rather invest their monies in putting their children in a skill acquisition institution rather than going to school.

Source: www.ghbase.com

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