I receive a monthly allowance for having a master’s degree in Vietnam – Achabu



Ghanaian teacher based in Vietnam, David Wilson AKA Achabu has revealed that he receives an allowance for having a master’s degree aside from his monthly salary.

In an interview with SVTV Africa, the YouTuber disclosed that it is compulsory for every teacher with a master’s degree in the relevant subject they teach to receive a monthly allowance. He also compared the working conditions, salaries in Vietnam to Ghana.

“I have a master’s degree in science education from Winneba, and I graduated in 2017. do you know that they pay me an allowance on the degree because I have a higher degree relevant to the subject I’m teaching,” he told host DJ Nyaami.

According to Achabu, he cried when he saw his prospective salary on the appointment letter.

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“When I began submitting my applications, I would wake up at 5 am to check my emails. When I received the appointment letter and saw the salary, I started crying. I’m even teary now because I had never seen it before.

“My salary in Ghana was GHc1,600, and the salary they quoted was also the same but in dollars. That was just the base salary, so it increases depending on your experience and teaching level,” he added.

Achabu travelled to Vietnam in July 2019 after thorough research into international teaching opportunities. He has several videos available on his social media platforms explaining how and where to apply.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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