I left enormous legacy in Ningo Prampram – E.T. Mensah



Former Ningo Prampram MP and current Council of State member, E.T. Mensah, has said he left an “enormous” legacy in the constituency he started representing in 1997 through 2016.

One of the things he cited during an interview on Citi TV’s Footprints was electrification.

“At that time, my going there even helped the whole system,” he recalled, adding that there were only two buildings with electricity in the constituency at the time he became MP.

At the time, Mr. Mensah said there were 500 human settlements.

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He recalled that the Greater Accra Region at the time, particularly the Dangbe area, which constituted the majority of the constituency, faced serious development challenges.

“When you moved to Sege and those other places, they also had challenges because of the self-help,” he noted.

Mr. Mensah added that “the benefit of my going there wasn’t only electricity in Ningo Prampram.”

He also said, “Ada is so big and there is no way they would have had electricity.”

When tasked by President Jerry Rawlings to address the development concerns, Mr. Mensah said he suggested the use of the common fund “to cover all those areas.”

“I told him if we want to make strides in our electrification drive, we would have to eliminate the self-help because the poverty in the Dangbe areas was as bad as the northern sector and anywhere else.”

“We started the use of the common fund to take care of such projects. That is how come when you go to every corner in the constituency, there is electricity,” he said.



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