I come from a family of lawyers,My father never wanted me to act – Jackie Appiah shares childhood story



Well-known Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah has said that her father never wanted her to go into acting.

The seasoned actress in an interview shared some childhood stories with the public and also her family background for the first time.


In an interview with Yen.com at the movie premiere of Symphony, a Nigerian movie she starred in, Jackie Appiah disclosed that she comes from a family of lawyers and they never wanted her to be an actress.

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“Growing up, my Dad did not want me to become an actress he wanted me to go to school and pay attention to my books. That is the same thing role I played in the movie symphony, where I didn’t want my daughter to follow her dreams of becoming a musician. I felt my daughter should become a doctor or a lawyer that’s what resonated with the real Jackie Appiah about this movie.”

This story resonates with me so much because it reminds me of growing up when my dad wanted me to become a lawyer because I come from a family of lawyers.” she continued.

Father didn’t understand, why I should become an actress, he just wanted me to become a lawyer. But I followed my dreams and now he is enjoying the success and he is happy, and so am I.” Jackie said.


source: www.ghbase.com

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