How and Why Fela Kuti wedded 27 wife on the same day in 1978( A must read).


Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the father of Afrobeats, married 27 women in one day in 1978. Those who are familiar with the lifestyle of the legendary Nigerian musician known by the stage name Abami Eda shouldn’t find this unusual (strange creature).


Following the devastating army raid on Fela’s commune (Kalakuta Republic) in 1977, many members of Fela’s band were left without a place to live. Fela made the unique decision to act in order to keep them together.


He gave everyone of his twenty-seven female band members a piece of paper and asked them to write down their names if they would like to marry him.

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The 27 women were wed by Fela Kuti on February 20, 1978, at the Parisona Hotel in Anthony, Lagos, after receiving their permission.


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