Ghanaians who depend on politicians are lazy – Kennedy Agyapong



Assin Central MP Kennedy Agyapong has stated that Ghanaians who depend on politicians for their livelihood are lazy.

Kennedy Agyapong says some Ghanaians are reckless and thoughtless because they always ask politicians for money when they meet them, and some even line up at their offices and homes.

“What has happened to Ghanaian men and women today that everything should be done for them by politicians. Let me make this clear and state emphatically that anybody who depends on politicians for survival will never survive; you will continue to be poor.

“Ghanaians make politicians corrupt because of their irresponsible behaviour…they are very demanding when they meet politicians on the streets,” Agyapong is reported to have said by

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Ken Agyapong, however, noted that he is always happy to help people who are truly needy, but persons who solely depend on politicians for their daily bread annoy him.

“I pay school fees and electricity bills… I don’t have a problem sponsoring good students to further their education, genuine hospital bills worth GH¢52,000, I pay, and in hard conditions, I’m always there to help, but people who send me messages that ‘today myself and my kids we don’t even have food to eat,’ you are lazy,” he added.

The MP is known for is his generous donations to the needy and his support for the youth.

On December 31, 2021, he donated items to the aged, widows, and the youth who wish to enter technical and vocational training.

The items included 500 sewing machines, 315 hairdryers, 30 barbering sterilisers, 30 cloth cutting machines for tailors, 30 modern hairdresser sinks, 1,500 pieces of cloth, 1,500 bags of rice, 1,250 bottles of cooking oil and money.

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