Ghanaians Should Ignore Bawumia’s Fake Assay Lab Digitilization – Dr. Solomon Owusu



All Ghanaians should ignore Vice Prez Dr. Bawumia’s misleading digitalization of the National Assay Laboratory, run by the Precious Mineral Marketing Company (PMMC). It’s just noise!

This is similar to how he lied to Ghanaians about “arresting the dollar” in few years ago. Again, it is similar to how he assured Ghanaians about nonpayment or taxes on mobile money during the 2020 elections year but made a u-turn to impose draconian e-levy tax on the good people of Ghana after the elections.

Furthermore, it is similar to how they lied to Ghanaians that galamsey would be a thing of the past but later became a massive operation for their own NPP people. Was Bawumia not in Ghana when cocaine turned out to be “Kokonte” at the police station under his watch?

This digitalization is a waste of time and it will not yield any positive result. I challenge Dr. Bawumia to explain how this approach will make Gold smuggling a thing of the past and I will dispute it with facts. If your own NPP people are engaging in illegal mining activities and smuggling the gold, how can this digitalization combat their deals?

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_Ghanaians should consider the current alarming rate of illegal mining in Ghana and also check the water pollution. After, they should ignore this Bawumia’s rhetoric digitalization noise._

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