Ghanaian youth fleeing the country over hardships- Mahama laments


John Dramani Mahama, a former president of Ghana, claimed that the country’s youth no longer have faith in it, and as a result, they are leaving in large numbers.

He claims that young people don’t notice the silver lining at the edge of the clouds, which can appear black and ominous with no hint of brightness.

According to Mr. Mahama, this loss of faith in Ghana is a result of the youth being sentenced to jobless after completing their education.
“Who is to blame them when after years of struggling to earn an education, they are
condemned to unemployment and acute lack of opportunities,” he questioned in a speech he read at the launch of his campaign.

Nonetheless, he gave the youth of Ghana the reassurance that there is hope because he will arrive and alter their narrative.
“If this is not fixed through my agenda to work together to build the Ghana we want starting in 2025, some graduates and postgraduate degree holders may reach retirement age without ever having held a job apart from national service.

It should gravely concern us, he continued, that the average young Ghanaian would seize any chance to leave the hopeless environment in which they live in favor of even the most menial work abroad.
We have always had people leave our country in quest of better opportunities elsewhere, but the current huge migration of professionals and active workers is quite concerning, He added.

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This is due to the loss of all hope that anything positive can happen in this nation or that any chances can be distributed fairly among our people.

Source: MynewsGh

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