Ghanaian Pastor Vinny Max Bani hot over alleged multiple sexual offences against female members and fraud



Apostle Maxmilian Vinny Bani has been fingered in an alleged multiple se*ual offense and fraudulent scandal.

Investigations into the situation were initiated after several unusual events in the ministry raised suspicions.

The investigations revealed that the AVMB ministry was not a registered entity and that all associated bank accounts were in Vinny Max Bani’s name.

Several female members of the congregation came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct.

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The women said that they had been asked for nude images in exchange for favours or recognition inside the church.

Vinny allegedly requested oral sex, hand jobs, and sensual massages for various penetrative sex activities.

For instance, these included threesomes and orgies involving several women at once.

While some claimed the sex was consensual, the allegations brought to light several manipulative schemes.

Vinny swore them to secrecy, holding their nudes and other compromising pieces of content as leverage to prevent them from exposing his antics.

Meanwhile, Vinny is alleged to have disappeared from February 15th to March 14th, 2022.

On his return, Vinny Max Bani ordered the removal of every shred of information on the internet linking him to his ministry as an apostle.

Vinny was to be regarded as a private businessman and emperor who had nothing to do with the ministry.

Consequently, the leadership has welcomed the participation of any legal body to assist in resolving the matter.

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SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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