Ghana unreservedly stands by Ukraine – Permanent Representative to UN



Ghana’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Harold Adlai Agyeman, says Ghana is maintaining its support for Ukraine and the respect for the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Delivering a statement at the United Nations Security Council on the crisis in Ukraine, he said the situation in Ukraine is troubling and leaves not just the immediate neighbors but all countries of the world insecure.

“The developments that are taking place in Ukraine are indeed troubling. The situation has implications not only for Ukraine and its immediate neighbors but also for all our countries,” he said.

He added that, “Ghana unreservedly stands by the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, a bona fide Member State of the United Nations, whose membership of this Organization provides for her guarantees over her internationally recognized borders, the same borders with which she joined this Organisation.”

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Following news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, countries all over the world have been on the edge with many taking a side on the matter.

Ghana, like many other African countries has not been vocal on the ensuing impasse between Russia and Ukraine.

But Harold Agyeman said Ghana is saddened about the developments.

“Ghana deeply regrets the decision of the Russian Federation to unilaterally recognise the non-government-controlled regions of Ukraine and to send troops into those regions. We are also deeply concerned by the implications of those decisions, which suggests that the Russian Federation has turned its back on the Minsk Agreements and the path of dialogue required to address any concerns it may have over the implementation of the Agreements and related security concerns,” he told the UN on Thursday.

He further called for calm between the two countries and urged them to respect international laws promoting peace and security.

“We urge for calm and call upon all parties to maintain the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine… We remind all parties of the need to respect international law and international humanitarian law, and urge the parties to guarantee unimpeded access for humanitarian assistance in both government and non-government-controlled areas,” he said.

In an earlier address on Monday, he said it was of great concern to Ghana that there was a risk of warfare between Ukraine and Russia.

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